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No Skin Off My Ass

n/a110 · 5.3 · 73 min · Adult, Drama
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Countries: Canada

No Skin Off My Ass is a 1993 comedy-drama film by Bruce LaBruce. Filmed in black and white, this is LaBruce's debut feature film, in which he plays the role of a punk hairdresser with Klaus von Brücker as the skinhead with whom he is obsessed. G.B. Jones stars as a film director who is also the skinhead's sister, and it is her attempts at bringing her brother and the hairdresser together that add comedic elements to the film. The cast also includes Fifth Column band members Caroline Azar and Beverly Breckenridge. No Skin Off My Ass provides a template for many of the themes in LaBruce's later movies. Explicit sex scenes between LaBruce's character and von Brucker's are interwoven with a radical political message espoused by Jones, whose character directs a film called "Girls of the SLA". No Skin Off My Ass played film festivals around the world and quickly became a cult film. Famously, Kurt Cobain declared it his favourite film. In 2005, Gus Van Sant, the director of Last Days, a fictionalized account of Cobain's last days, told Planet Out magazine, "He did this interview...once where he was asked his favorite movie. He had just seen No Skin Off My Ass by Bruce LaBruce and he said that was his favorite."


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