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Le sexe qui parle

n/a110 · 5.2 · 70 min · Adult, Comedy, Fantasy
Release date:
Countries: France

Le Sexe qui parle is a French adult film of 1975. It was the first exclusive hardcore feature film produced and released in France to meet international success, and has been called a cult film. The film was exported to the USA with the title Pussy Talk and started a period of French porn chic in America, followed soon by films such as Candy’s Candy and Kinky Ladies of Bourbon Street in 1976. The film was directed by Claude Mulot who also directed a sequel to Le Sexe qui parle in 1977, which starts with the “infection” passed by Eric to a prostitute. The film is an example of a significant tradition in literature and art of talking vaginas, dating back to the ancient folklore motif of the vagina loquens, or "talking cunt". These tales usually involve vaginas talking due to the effect of magic or charms, and often admitting to their unchastity. The film is based on Les bijoux indiscrets by Denis Diderot. Talking female genitals feature in the Ozark folktale The magic walking stick, are an early theme in French literature, most notably in Les bijoux indiscrets and the 13th century fabliau Le Chevalier qui faisoit parler les cons et les culs, and the theme continues with The Vagina Monologues.

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