Lindsay Greenbush

Birth Name: Lindsay Greenbush
Date of Birth: 25/05/1970

Lindsay Greenbush, was born Rachel Lindsay Rene Bush the elder sister of, identical twin sister Sidney Robyn Denae Bush on May 25, 1970 in Hollywood, California. Their father, Billy Bush is an actor who starred in films such as "Five Easy Pieces" , "Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore" , and "Jason Goes To Hell" he was billed as Billy Green Bush in those films. They have a brother Clay, he was seen occasionally on Little House on the Prairie. They also had a mother Carole Kay Bush.Lindsay and Sidney, had their first break sharing the role of Jill Hayden, in the 1973 television film "Sunshine" with Cliff DeYoung. After the film wrapped, Michael Landon was casting for his series called "Little House on the Prairie" . The producer of Sunshine recommended the twins, for the role of the youngest daughter Carrie Ingalls. Finally, Landon met them, and signed them immediately.On March 30, 1974 the pilot of Little House premiered on NBC and, it was a hit. The twins, were billed as Lindsay Sidney Green Bush. Six months after the success of the pilot, it had turned into a weekly series. The series premiered on September 11, 1974, and it was a hit as well. In the series, they are billed as Lindsay Sidney Greenbush. After the first season, it ended at #13 in the raitings. In its second season, the show was in danger of getting the axe because, it slipped out of the top 30. NBC, came up with the result to save the show, it was moved from Wednesday to Monday nights. When the third season started, the show had survived, and that season ended at #16.The Carrie character, was limited and fans of the series wanted to see more of her. On December 18, 1978 the fans' wish came true: they get to see the twins along side in an episode called "The Godsister". While heartsick Carrie, feels lonely after her Pa went away to work for a month. Carrie, creates an imaginary friend Alyssa, to heal her heartache. The twins, switched roles for those characters as well. From seasons 4-7, the show was hovering inside the top 20.During the shows success, the twins built a fan base across the country. During the shows eighth season, the twins were getting tired of playing the same role repeatedly also, the series was showing a decline in the ratings. After the season ended, the show ended at #25 and, the twins decided to call it quits, after eight seasons as Carrie Ingalls.The Ninth season, the show was re-tooled as "Little House: A New Beginning". The twins' absence was explained, that the Ingalls family moved to Burr Oak, Iowa to build a much better life. The fans of the twins and their co-stars have ignored, "A New Beginning" and the show was canceled several months later.After their departure from Little House in 1982, the twins went through difficult times finding roles that are suitable. Lindsay, guest starred in Matt Houston in 1983. She portrayed an abused victim. Lindsay, went to audition for the part of Dorothy Gale in "Return To Oz". Unfortunately, the producers passed on her because, she was considered too old. Sidney, starred as Amy McVickers on "Hillie and Hambone" in 1984 with the late Alan Hale.Outside Little House, the twins appeared in magazines, commercials, etc. In 1978, the twins wrote to Amy Carter, whose father was president at the time. Carter wrote back to them and, it shows that they wanted to invite them to the White House, and off they went. Amy told them, that Little House was her favorite show so, the twins gave her a gift and it has the shot, of the cast.With no parts and auditions, the twins retired from the acting business. They decided, to continue with their High School studies and, graduated in 1988 at Santa Monica High School.Lindsay, has one daughter.

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