Austin Williams

Date of Birth: 13/11/1996

The word most often used by Directors, Producers, fellow actors and crew members when describing Austin Williams is "Amazing."Austin's raw talent for dramatic acting was discovered at the age of 8, when Director Robert De Niro chose him to play a Young Matt Damon in the movie THE GOOD SHEPHERD.Since that time, Austin has portrayed many memorable characters in features films including: Oscar-nominated MICHAEL CLAYTON (as George Clooney's precocious son); PHOEBE IN WONDERLAND (as a bully to Elle Fanning); HOME MOVIE (as an evil son of Adrian Pasdar); BURNING PALMS (as the obnoxious and troubled charge of Adrianna Barazza); HENRY & ME, (voicing an animated cancer victim who is befriended by Richard Gere and many of the past and present Yankees players); and SUGAR (as a homeless teen surviving on the streets of Los Angeles.)Although Austin has also made a mark on prime-time television, including the portrayal of a young murder accomplice on LAW & ORDER, the t.v. character with whom Austin is most often recognized, is daytime's "Shane Morasco" from ONE LIFE TO LIVE. Since Austin originated the role in 2007, he has appeared in over 200 episodes as a sensitive kid who has weathered some bad storms. (For a few months, to commemorate the shows 40th anniversary, Austin expertly played two characters, when he simultaneously appeared as the deviant "Young Spencer Truman.")"Shane" suffers from serious asthma, and relies on an inhaler to help him breathe. He has been kidnapped and shot at twice (once by a man he was told was his father). Shane also survived life-threatening leukemia, only to be relentlessly bullied by classmates in school...leading to to a heart-wrenching suicide attempt in 2011 which left viewers, and everyone on set, in tears.Austin's versatile portrayals have won him praise from casting directors, to critics to Oscar-nominated Directors. Susie Figgis named Austin one of 2007's top 10 child actors in a UK Times article. Roger Ebert praised Austin in his syndicated column. Tony Gilroy calls Austin a "go-to kid" who has a lot of soul, which "really comes through on-screen." His co-star and on-screen Soap Opera mother Farah Fath is equally impressed, admitting to the press that Austin "actually moved me so much that I forgot everything that I was supposed to say. I went completely blank. My heart froze for this child. I'm really proud of him.""Reviewers define Austin's work as "compelling" and "brutally sincere...painfully realistic and so visceral at times that they were hard to watch." (Soap Opera Digest, Editor's Choice); "exceptional" and "heart-wrenching...almost impossible to watch" (Soap Opera Weekly); "deft" and "impressive" (TV Guide Canada). The head writer of ONE LIFE TO LIVE revealed to TV GUIDE reporter Michael Logan: "This has been a real challenge to write because Austin is such a great actor and makes it all so heartbreaking to watch."In 2007, 2008 and 2009, Austin was nominated for a Young Actor Award for stellar performances in film and on television.On April 30th 2011, PMG Inc., in conjunction with the Make-A-Wish Foundation® of the Hudson Valley, honored Austin with a Prestige Award, which is given to "advocates and prominent individuals who are making a difference in society and giving back to communities throughout the world and unsung heroes in the fields of arts and entertainment."Additionally, in 2011, Austin was awarded "Star of the Week", "Performer of the Week", Soap Opera Weekly "Applause Applause Award" and named TV Guide Canada's "#1 Top Young Actors to Watch", all relating to his layered depiction of a bully victim's varied emotions: sadness, isolation, embarrassment, fear, anger and total despair. Austin's highly acclaimed performances will be considered for Emmy contention in 2012.When he is not acting, Austin lives with his parents, grandparents, sister and dog. Austin is a MENSA member with a genius IQ, and attends a select High School with a focus on Science and Tech

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